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18.06.2021 15:45
Vologda Region will become home to XV International Theatre Festival “Voices of History" on July 1-10.

The Festival “Voices of History” has come into being in Vologda in 1991 as the show of performances of professional theaters in historical and architectural environment. The main theme of the festival is theatre and history. The festival has long been a hallmark of the Vologda Region, it is a favourite festival of all theatre-goers.

18.06.2021 09:43
A free seminar of the Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum will be dedicated to social networks.

The Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum invites Russian cultural institutions for a free educational project held in an online format.

17.06.2021 10:38
Vologda City will host IV International Lace Festival VITA LACE on July 15-18.

The International Lace Festival VITA LACE collects everything related to the world of linen industry: fabrics, clothes, textile and souvenirs.

16.06.2021 15:45
Festival Summer project in Vologda Region: events covering different genres of theatre, music, literature and crafts.

This summer Vologda will host several inter-regional and international events - an International Folk Crafts Festival City of Crafts, XV International drama festival Voices of History, IV International Lace Festival VITA LACE and Russian Folklore Festival "The Village - the Soul of Russia".

16.06.2021 09:56
Restrictive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 are back in Vologda Region.

On June 15th the First Deputy Governor held a meeting with experts on the development of the coronavirus pandemic and preventive measures.

15.06.2021 15:33
The Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum invites Russian cultural institutions for a free educational project held in an online format.

The Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum is a unique form of activity developed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. It promotes direct cultural cooperation between civic organisations, cultural institutions and artists.

15.06.2021 10:24
A photo by Yevgeny Smolsky, a photographer from Krasavino (Vologda Region) is in the top 50 photos of an International Photo Contest 35AWARDS.

The international Photo Contest 35AWARDS is a major international award created in 2015. Both beginners and professionals can take part in the competition with the largest number of professional jury.

11.06.2021 14:06
Dear residents of Vologda Region, my sincere congratulations on the national holiday Russia Day!

The State Holiday of the Russian Federation, Russia Day is celebrated on June 12.